Months of Summer:

Notable Events in Summer:

Karkata 1st: Annual Tournament
The annual tournament gathers people from all over--even foreigners--to come and fight. The prize is a large sum of money, as well as a trophy and fame.
Ever since Vyrengr Corvus took control of the castle, people have turned to the tournament in hopes to find Ruarc. The tournament's only been held two times since then, and both times the winner has been a young man named Kaleel Idriss. Perhaps he is the reincarnation of Ruarc...

Karkata 17th: Music Festival
Music of all sorts is played in cities and towns on this day.

Simha 5th: Art Festival
Art is often displayed and sold in cities and towns on this day.

Simha 8th
Zain's birthday.

Kanya 3rd
Yvonne's birthday.

Kanya 10th: Start of Fall Semester
Most schools start their fall semester around this time.